Vertex Launches VertexOne
Utilities across North America trust Vertex Business Services to achieve superior customer engagement. Now, Vertex is proud to announce the launch of VertexOne–a proven technology platform that includes industry-leading customer engagement processes. VertexOne provides a low-risk approach to addressing today’s biggest challenges in utility customer service. LEARN MORE


Let us be your face to your customers. We run state-of-the-art customer care centers for utilities, and we also implement and run systems that allow your customers a streamlined interaction via multiple communication channels.


We provide tailored customer information system (CIS) platforms which efficiently and cost-effectively support gas, electric, water, and wastewater services at utilities across North America.


As an SAP utilities partner, we uniquely focus on implementing both SAP CR&B and SAP HANA-based solutions that integrate real-time analytics, mobility capabilities, and deep multi-channel access.


Leveraging deep analytic capabilities specifically honed to utilities use cases. Listen to a case study on “Engaging Customers AND Impacting the Bottom Line” showing how Metropolitan St. Louis Sewer District has measurably improved debt collection through proactive phone calls combined with predictive analytics.


Let us manage your full set of customer-facing systems and processes, from processing your meter data, running your bills, operating your contact centers, and running your multi-channel, analytics, and customer information systems.

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